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Why You Need a Property Management Company in Fort Worth, TX

On today’s blog for rental property owners and investors, we’re talking about why you need a property management company in Fort Worth. The best reason is that property managers are professionals when it comes to managing income producing properties. To be a property manager in Texas, an individual must be licensed. There is also a requirement to stay current on continuing education hours, which includes classes on state law and ethics.

Property managers know the market. We are able to provide a competitive market analysis to achieve the maximum rental rates for landlords.

Property managers will also collect rents, screen and place qualified tenants, process and respond to maintenance requests and account for and disperse owner funds. We also conduct inspections at move in and move out, as well as quarterly to keep an eye on everything and make sure your property is maintaining its value.

Our experience has shown us that there are three top reasons to employ a professional property management company:

  1. The landlord doesn’t live in town. Perhaps the landlord doesn’t even live in the state or the country. It’s important to have someone local who can look at the property once in awhile and know what’s going on. Then, the landlord can stay informed at all times.
  2. The time commitment that’s required. It’s time consuming to manage a property. Most investors are professionals in their own fields; so they don’t have a lot of extra time to properly manage a rental home.
  3. There can be hassles involved. Many times, landlords just don’t want to deal with problems that can arise with your property and your tenant. Property managers can send letters and call tenants; they can follow up on late rental payments and field the phone calls that come in at 2:00 in the morning about pipes that have burst. People know the property management company is qualified to protect the interest.

Why You Need a Property Management Company in Fort Worth, TXThere is really no better reason for hiring a property management company than having someone available to stay current on all the requirements and processes of managing a rental property. If you have any questions about the benefits of professional property management, please do not hesitate to contact us at DeGuire Paperless Property Management.

Posted by: Derek DeGuire on June 11, 2015