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Fort Worth Property Management Blog

Real Estate Investing in Fort Worth: Why Rental Properties are Such Great Investments

Today, we’re talking about real estate investing in Fort Worth and why rentals could possibly be the way to go.

The U.S. homeownership rate peaked about ten years ago at a little over 69 percent. Today, it’s at 64 percent, which is the same level it was half a century ago. Many experts believe that in the next 15 years, this rate of ownership will (more…)

Do I Need Insurance for My Fort Worth Rental Property? Landlord Education

Today, we’re talking about insurance for rental properties. Many people believe that when they decide to rent a home, all they need is a homeowner’s policy and that will cover all their needs. However, they may find out differently after experiencing a loss.

A homeowner’s policy will typically only cover an owner-occupied home. So when you decide to rent out your home, you should (more…)

Property Management Basics: What is the Texas Property Code & How Does it Affect My Fort Worth Rental?

Today, we are talking about the Texas Property Code, and specifically how it affects rental properties in the Fort Worth area. The Property Code is broken down into nine subchapters, and it covers every aspect of rental property management, including issues that can arise between landlords and tenants.


One thing the Property Code addresses is occupancy levels and (more…)

Most Common Lawsuits Against Landlords in Fort Worth and How to Prevent Them

Many of the most common lawsuits against landlords can be easily avoided. Today, we’re discussing those lawsuits and providing 10 tips for ensuring you do not find yourself in court.

Wrongful Eviction

One of the most common lawsuits is wrongful eviction. When landlords or professional property managers don’t follow proper procedures, it can result in (more…)

How to Set the Best Rental Price for Your Home in Fort Worth

Today we’re talking about how to set the best rental price or rate for a home in Fort Worth. Many times, the difference between success and failure in the rental business is setting the right price for the property. If you charge too much, you’ll have a very long vacancy. If you charge too little, there is the potential for lost rent. Either scenario can place a landlord in financial trouble. (more…)

5 Most Common Mistakes Made by Fort Worth Landlords: Explained by a Property Manager

Today’s topic is the five most common landlord mistakes. Being a landlord sounds easy enough. You buy a piece of property, you fix it up and you lease it for more than what your mortgage payment is. Being a landlord can be profitable, but it can also be very time consuming and costly. Avoid these common pitfalls and unnecessary mistakes. (more…)

Security Deposits from a Fort Worth Tenant’s Perspective: 5 Ways to Get Your Full Money Back

Today at DeGuire Paperless Property Management, we are running a two-part blog that talks about what you need to know about security deposits. Part One will be provided from the tenant’s perspective and Part Two is from the landlord’s perspective. This is the first part of that blog which will give tips on how tenants can get their full security deposit back. (more…)

How to Set a Strong Pet Policy When Renting Out My Fort Worth Home

Today at DeGuire Paperless Property Management, we are talking about pets and why it’s important to allow pets and have a strong pet policy or agreement in place. Over 75 percent of the people looking to lease property have pets, and most of them consider these pets part of the family. The American Pet Product Association estimates that (more…)

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