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Our Team

The team at DeGuire Properties has over 30 years of experience in the Fort Worth property management field. We are industry leaders who work hard every day to bring the best real estate management practices to our clients and customers. When you work with us, you’ll get to know the following team members:

    • Derek DeGuire – Company Owner
    • Carolyn DeGuire – Company Owner
    • Alan Ellis – Property Manager
    • Shelia Pierce – Office Manager
    • Jeannie Sollmann – Realtor

All of these team members understand your property and what you need from it. You won’t have to worry about being passed around from employee to employee when you call us with a question. All of us know how to help you, and we’re always willing to speak with you about any concerns you might have about your property.

Before getting together to start DeGuire Properties, we worked in real estate construction and development. This gave us a unique understanding about what properties need, whether it’s a large office complex or a small single family home. Over the 30 years we have spent in the Fort Worth property management industry, we have learned what works and what works better. Our business has been a constantly evolving collection of best practices and smart systems.

Here’s what we like best about what we do:

    • Working successfully as a team to bring about successful outcomes and returns for our customers.
    • Promoting the property management industry and working hard to make it more responsive, efficient and innovative.
    • Developing relationships with property owners, investors, reluctant landlords, tenants looking for great homes and vendors willing to provide great work for discounted prices.

We love what we do, and you’ll notice that when you get to know our team.

Contact any of us at (817) 281- 8595

Or, email us here:

Derek DeGuire

Carolyn DeGuire

Alan Ellis

Shelia Pierce

Jeannie Sollmann